Math Department

Reycel Pacaanas

Ms. Pacaanas is originally from the Philippines.  She is a math teacher by heart.  She has taught for 17 years in the areas of Geometry, Trigonometry, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra.  She is still young at heart and enjoys music and singing.  She currently teaches Geometry and Algebra 1.

Geometry and Algebra 1

Room M-104

Brandon Begay

Mr. Begay is a Shiprock High School Alumni and a graduate of Arizona State University (Yeego Chieftains! Yeego Sundevils!).  He is currently the Junior class co-sponsor.  His hobbies are fishing and camping in Colorado.  He currently teaches Algebra 1, College Success II, and AP Calculus.

Algebra 1, Geometry, and AP Calculus

Room M-105

Janelle Charley

Mrs. Charley is a graduate of Kirtland Central High School and Fort Lewis College.  She has been a teacher for nine years.  She coaches the C-Team Boys Basketball team.  She is of the Towering House and Many Hogans clans.  She also enjoys being the Junior Class Sponsor.  She loves to run, laugh, and have a good time.  She is currently teaching Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Intensive​, Algebra 1

Room M-101

Marco Ortega

Mr. Ortega is a third year as a Math Teacher at Shiprock.  He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics.  He loves seeking out adventures, swimming, and writing.  He is currently teaching Algebra 2, College Success, and Financial Literacy.

Algebra 2 and Financial Literacy

Room M-103

Evita Bull

This will be Mrs. Bull's first year teaching at Shiprock High School.  She is alumni of Shiprock High School and earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Fort Lewis College.  Mrs. Bull enjoys spending time with her children and working to help the future community members of Shiprock.

Pre-Calculus, and Algebra 2​ Honors

Room M-100

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