Social Studies Department

Brian Paniagua

Raised in the American Southwest, Mr. Paniagua attended New Mexico Tech, San Juan College, and graduated from Fort Lewis College.  He likes to bike, sometimes run, but loves to spend time with his wife and kids.  He enjoys coaching runners and currently teaches AP World History, World History, World History and Geography, and Athletics

World History,  AP World History, Athletics

Room A-12

David Ji​m

Mr. Jim grew up in the Shiprock area and is a graduate of Shiprock High School.  He attended San Juan College and graduated from Fort Lewis College.  He currently teaches US History.  He completed a B.A. in History with an endorsement in Secondary Education.

US History & Geography and AP US History​

Room A-5

Darin Jim

A graduate of Shiprock High School, Mr. Jim is a history teacher who attended Fort Lewis College and San Juan College. He obtained a B.A. in History and an A.A. in Secondary Education.

Room A-9

Nik Paniagua

Mr. Paniagua is originally from Bloomfield, but was born in Page, AZ.  He is the third of five children.  He enjoys biking, any form of racing, and Notre Dame Football. Mr. Paniagua dislikes people who drive in the left lane, chew with their mouth open, and USC Football.  Currently he teaches World History & Geography, US Government, and Economics.

U.S. Gov't & Economics, and World History & Geography

Room A-11

Tory Franklin

Mr. Franklin is a first year teacher at Shiprock High School.  Mr. Franklin graduate from Kirtland Central High School and Fort Lewis College.  He enjoys spending time with family and watching sports.

Room A-7

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