Alfred Baer

Mr. Baer joins us from Cortez, Colorado.  He enjoys teaching PE, coaching baseball, and working with our students.  He currently teaches Weights and Aquatics.

Weights, PE, Aquatics


weightroom, Small Gym, Pool


Anthony Clah

Mr. Clah teaches PE, Health, and Fitness & Conditioning classes.  He brings a wealth of experience from playing college football and helping to train our athletes.  Mr. Clah is also an alumnus of Shiprock High School and a graduate of Brigham Young University.

Health, Fitness & Conditioning, PE


Room D1, Small Gym


Master Gunnery Sergeant Ira Harris

MGySgt Harris joined the Shiprock team in 2015 after completing a stellar 26 1/2 year career as a U.S. Marine.  MGySgt Harris also retains a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Homeland Security from the American Military University.  MGySgt Harris has been married to his lovely wife Ann since 1989, and they both enjoy traveling and outdoor sports such as fly-fishing. 



Room D-9

Rae Collins

Ms. Collins is the Culinary Arts and Drivers Education teacher.  

Culinary Arts, PE, Health


Room C-4, Small Gym

Sandra Garnanez

Ms. Garnanez was raised at Rehoboth Christian School and calls Shiprock home.  She obtained her education from UNM with a BA in Art Education; her MA from Grand Canyon University.  Her teaching background spans more than 30 years.  She also enjoys working with our students in the National Art Honor Society.

Crafts, Creat Sculpture, Art Into, Drawing/Painting


Room G7

Cheryl Willie

A little Bio of the teacher will go here. 

Navajo 1, 2, 3, & 4


Room D-3


Vickie Lake

Howdy! I am Vickie Lake the Agriculture Instruction/FFA Advisor since 2004.  I live on a small farm/ranch with my son.  We love to be outdoors with family, friends, and critters.  I am a high school graduate from Kirtland and received my Bachelors & Masters degree from New Mexico State University! Go Aggies!  I enjoy teaching and advocating for Agriculture as Agriculture if LIFE!

Agriculture Sciences, Dual Credit Agriculture Classes, Agriculture Leadership, Agriculture Mechanics, Welding-NCCER Certification


Room C-3

Charmayne Yazzie-Washburn

Mrs. Yazzie-Washburn is from Kirtland, NM.  She has a BA in Psychology from Fort Lewis College.  She will be starting her third year at Shiprock High and enjoys working with our SHS students.

Health & College Success


Room D-5

Paul Ankenman

Mr. A is a Spanish Language teacher who values all languages and encourages the life skill of code switching.  He graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Spanish.  He has worked or volunteered at schools in Evanston, IL, Philadelphia, PN, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He loves all kinds of sports, especially outdoor sports and soccer.  He is intensely curious and loves to inspire curiosity in his students. 



Room H-12

Helen West

Ms. West is in her second year at Shiprock High school.  She received her BA in Music Performance from Amercan University and her Masters in Music Education from UNC.  SHe loves teaching at SHS.  Ms. West lives in Cortez with her cat, Mr. PC.



Music Website

Room E-2

Vernetta Begay

Brief Bio



Room G-5

Gunnery Sergeant Jerry Benally

GySgt Benally was born and raised in the local area.  His military career started soon after graduating from Aztec High School, with the New Mexico Army National Guard, where he served over three years with his unit in Santa Fe, NM as a diesel mechanic.  He later transferred to the Marine Corps where new job skills of electrician, hydraulic mechanic, accountant, and marketing and sales were acquired, just to name a few.  He retired from the Marine Corps in 2017 with nearly twenty-five years of combined military service to our country.



Room D-9

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