John Tohtsoni

Born and raised in Shiprock, Mr. John C Tohtsoni Jr. is To'ahani, born to Ta'baaha.  Tl'izi'lani is his maternal clan and Ta'chii'nii' is his paternal clan.  Tohtsoni earned his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Purdue University and his Masters of Education from Doane College.  Tohtsoni is a graduate of Shiprock High School and has been Principal at Shiprock High School since 2016.  Tohtsoni started his career in education in 1997 as a teacher and later the Dean of Instruction at Navajo Preparatory School, a teacher at Aztec High School, and a director of a federal grant program at San Juan College, where he also served as an Adjunct Instructor.  

Dannell Yazzie

Natoh' Dine'e Tachinii Nishli', Ashiihi Bashishchiin, Chishi Dashicheii, Kinlichii'nii Dashinali

I was raised and reside in Shiprock and proud to be a product of Central Consolidated School District.  I graduated from Shiprock High School in 2000.  I have two Master of Arts degrees.  This will be my 4th year at Shiprock High School.

Assistant Principal

Nanel Walter

Tachinii Nishli', Tse'nah'habilnii' Bashishchiin, Hashkaan Ha'dzo Dashicheii, Kiiyaanii Dashinali.

Mrs. Walter was raised and resides in Shiprock.  She graduated in 1994 from Shiprock High School.  She has a Master of Arts in Public Health and Education Administration Certificate.  This will be her 2nd year at Shiprock High School.

Assistant Principal/Athletic Coordinator

Geraldine Light

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Front Desk Secretary

Fenessia Etcitty

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Financial Secretary

Kim Dee

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Attendance Secretary

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